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About Us
Suzhou SICREAT is a leading distributor of Silicon Wafers and provider of wafer services for the semiconductor industry, and offers an array of wafer processes ranging from bare silicon to thermal oxide. Our wafer and process technology is the most state of the art technology.

SICREAT maintains a large inventory of CZ, FZ, low defect, ultra flat, and tightly controlled metals specifications etc. Because wafer specifications are unique to every semiconductor design, we offer the possibility to custom build to your requirements.

SICREAT understands the importance of reliability and ensures long term, consistent supply lines of any silicon wafer product. For wafers that are in stock, 3 days delivery are available to anywhere in China. SICREAT guarantees the quality of our products and provides a Certificate of Conformity with every shipment.

Please contact us regarding your current requirements, thank you.

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