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Prime Wafer
SICREAT Nanotech provides customer a varity of prime polished wafer that comes from top5 makers in the world: a highly refined, ultrapure wafer of crystalline silicon with ultraflat and ultraclean surfaces, that is custom built to meet customer specifications. Sophisticated chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) processes remove surface defects and produce extremely flat, mirror-like surfaces. The CMP process was implemeted in 1962 and is still the industry standard today. Prime Polished silicon wafers are used in broad range of advanced integrated circuit applications by our customers.

The prime wafers covers all diameters from 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, Type, Orientation, Resistivity, Thickness and upon cusotmer request. 

Please CONTACT SICREAT for further information or a quotation on your Prime Wafer requirements.
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